Sunday, June 23, 2013

Myrtle of Willendorf

Myrtle of Willendorf
Front Street Books, 2000

Available as an ebook through namelos.

“Often witty and even more often provocative, this first novel is arresting. It testifies to O’Connell’s talents that she leaves readers wanting more, not less, of her oversize heroine.”
—Publishers Weekly

“This powerful first novel is well written and thought–provoking. Teens will appreciate Myrtle’s self–deprecating humor and cheer for her as she begins to realize her true strengths and like herself as she is.”
—School Library Journal

“A small, perfect gem.”
Reading Rants

“Like adolescence itself, the novel is by turns funny and poignant, and the potent theme of the female deity, made suitably incarnate by the character of Myrtle, puts a fresh twist on the journey of self-discovery.”
—Horn Book

“The author did a wonderful job in making Myrtle thoroughly believable.”
Story Circle Book Reviews

 Walter Hogan gets it! He writes about Myrtle in his thorough and perceptive Humor in Young Adult Literature: A Time to Laugh. (see pages 99–100)


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